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Welcome to Guppytown

All photos on this site taken of guppy's I breed in my Guppytown

My name is Brian Miller and I have been breeding guppies for twenty years. I have gone through all stages of guppy breeding from trying to acquire pet store stock and turning them into acceptable disease free guppies to acquiring stock from top IFGA breeders and trying to improve and maintain that stock.

I consider the IFGA to be a very worthwhile organization. There is plenty of useful information on their site. I do not show any of my guppies in the IFGA, this is just not something that interests me. I feel that the photos of my guppies will clearly represent the quality of my stock. It does interest me to bring quality stock to more individuals so that one day if they so choose they can show their stock. If you are interested in purchasing stock directly from a current IFGA person who shows stock I would gladly recommend individuals who I have had good experiences in purchasing their stock. Anyone is welcome to visit my guppytown in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Just email me and make an appointment.

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