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Guppy Addict Part 3

You know you're a guppy addict when

You think of Clauss as a german guppy breeder and not a man with a red suit, rotund belly and long grey beard.

You don't believe in Santa Claus but you do believe that the Novice Doctor will one day show up at your house with a white coat, chemicals you've never dreamed of, and a van shaped like a guppy.

When you think of the word moscow you think of majestic guppies and not a majestic city in Russia.

You don't have a cup of coffee and a USA Today sprawled out over a table for your news in the USA but you do connect to fish link to find out what guppies are on the auction block for your news in the USA.

You don't think of Lexington, Michigan as a small lakeside town but do think of it as the guppy capital of the world.

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